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  • 2007 BMW 335i

    41 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (11)

  • Jan 2021
    Great car.
    —Shawn O - 2007 BMW 335I COUPE
  • Dec 2020
    Love the car, very happy
    —Shane R - 2007 BMW 335i Motorsport
  • Aug 2020
    I just love the car!!
    —Graeme D - 2007 BMW 335i Black Line
  • Aug 2020
    Luxury at its best!!
    —Gary C - 2007 BMW 335i Twin Turbo Highline
  • May 2020
    Outstanding vehicle, performance is incredible and comfort to go with it. Family car with hidden attitude
    —Iain M - 2007 BMW 335i Touring 19‘ alloy
  • Nov 2019
    Great vehicle
    —Kent S - 2007 BMW 335I 3.0L TWIN TURBO
  • Jul 2019
    Power and performance with typical BMW style and comfort. All leather interior with all the features you would expect of a euro car. Plus an engine that can make 700hp on stock internals, perfect tuners car
    —Scott T - 2007 BMW 335i M Sport / Leather Seat
  • Oct 2018
    Very good looking car
    —Paramjit S - 2007 BMW 335I 335I
  • Sep 2018
    Its an awesome car
    —Krishal S - 2007 BMW 335I MOTORSPORT TURBO 320BHP
  • May 2018
    As a retired mechanic I did considerable research on which car to buy to replace my E46 320, which was extremely reliable over many years. The opinion of BMW experts is that the E90 335i is the next most reliable.... I hope that proves to be correct
    —David S - 2007 BMW 335i
  • Jan 2018
    Good alternative for a Nissan G35 or G37, looks better than its counterpart and is easily a much more premium quality feel and build. Decent engine that will keep a smile on your face, and a look you can't take your eyes off
    —Fabian B - 2007 BMW 335i Coupe


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